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Everything you know about fitness and health is wrong. Why? Because you're not fit and you're not healthy. How do I know this? Because you still think that your fitness is defined by how fast you can run a mile, and you still think that your health is defined by how much salad you can cram in your mouth every day.


Fitness and Health is not defined by these things. It's defined by how well your biology can adapt to and tolerate new and challenging stimuli. I'll say that again, your fitness and health is defined by how well you cope when your biology is challenged. 

When was the last time your biology was challenged? Are you comfortable with being uncomfortable? You don't need to be the best from the start, but you do need to tolerate a high amount of physical stress. 


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Where Am I?

I work among Champions, Veteran Coaches and Trainers at The World Famous Bodybuilding Mecca - Muscleworks Gym(s) in Bethnal GreenStoke Newington and Enfield, London. The forgers of the most elite physiques in the UK and Internationally recognised as the UK home of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Muscleworks equipment offers more exercise variety than any other gym in London, an atmosphere to die for and a wealth of experience and motivation fit for the greatest athlete. Muscleworks is where the champions train, the winners win and the beginners start their journey to their ideal physique. Come on down and you might find yourself training along side one of your idols! 

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Training in Muscleworks!

Testimonial: James S.

I had my first session with Matt back in February and I can honestly say every session with him has been absolutely fantastic. Every session he'll push you to the max but at the same time he provides you with an incredible wealth of knowledge on fitness and nutrition and he really does know his stuff. I've been delighted with the results and changed my lifestyle for good, and I couldn't have done this without Matt's support both in and out of the gym. 


Even when away, Matt has e-mailed me with extensive advice on regime and nutrition updates. If you are willing to put the work in, he'll make sure you get the most out of it - he's seriously passionate about you achieving your results. If you're looking to get seriously fit, want to put 100% into training and have someone push and support you to the limit, then I couldn't recommend Matt strongly enough! - James S.


What Can I Help You With?

  • Fat Loss

  • Muscle Gain

  • Bodybuilding

  • Increase Overall Strength

  • Core Stability & Strength

  • Posture Correction

  • Strength Balance

  • Decrease Stress

  • Increase Confidence

  • Healthy Eating/Living

  • Competition Preparation

  • Online Personal Training


Preparing for a competition is no joke. It's not for everyone. However, it is for some. If you are that person, then make sure you invest in a prep coach, so you can look your best on stage. Competing is a big commitment and it requires a lot of discipline. I pride myself on being able to support almost anybody on their way to the stage, but we have to work together. I'm serious about you if you're serious about your competition!
Otis Taitt
Classic Bodybuilding (175cm)
"Working with Matt for my first ever Bodybuilding Competition was an experience like no other. It was both a learning experience as well as an absolute pleasure as Matt is a good friend and colleague. Whenever I felt down, or if I was struggling in any way, Matt was there to reassure me, or make necessary changes to the plan in order to move forward. His knowledge about advanced dieting and training principles allowed me to earn 3rd place at my first ever competition, as well as secure an invite to the finals at the end of the year!"
Otis Taitt - 3rd Place PCA First Timers, Classic Bodybuilding
Ricky McGivney
Fitness Model under 75kg
"I first found Matt on Instagram and he was kind enough to give me some really helpful free tips when I decided to prep for my first fitness model competition. After a while I could see that his expertise was so valuable that I decided to invest in his online training service to make the most from my preparation. I've now worked with Matt a couple times and was able to get in better and better condition each time, finally winning 3rd place in the fitness model under 75kg class at Miami Pro completely naturally. Matt makes no promises, but if you do as he says you will look unbelievable!"
Ricky McGivney - 3rd Place Miami Pro, Fitness Model under 75kg
Matt Young
Mr Model Champion - Prep Coach
"I thoroughly enjoyed my competition. I wanted to challenge myself and exhibit the physique I'd been working on for so long. Being naturally introverted, the prospect of standing on stage and posing in skimpy trunks was extremely intimidating. However, it turned out to be the exact thing I needed in order to overcome my reservations, and thus become proud of my body and what it's capable of. For this reason, I find prepping athletes for competition immensely rewarding. If you do everything right, remain dedicated and trust the process, I assure you that you can achieve what your body is capable of too!"
Matt Young - 1st Place Miami Pro, Mr Model
Anastasia Ivanova
Miss Bikini Tall (175cm)
"For me prepping for my bikini competitions has always been a struggle. Every coach I've had in the past has always prescribed very tough and extreme diets, as well as ridiculously intense and over the top training methods. As a prep coach, Matt is acutely aware of the struggle women especially go through while prepping for a competition, as hormones can definitely interfere with the process. Matt's approach, while progressive and effective, is far less extreme, as his knowledge allows him the confidence to not over do things or take it further than necessary. It's refreshing to have a coach who doesn't abuse his own principles!"
Anastasia Ivanova - 1st Place Miami Pro, Miss Bikini Tall Overall Champ
Athar Shah
Over 35 Fitness Model
"I found Matt on Instagram a few months before my first competition. We chatted about online training and he gave me some sound advice on how I should start my preparation. A few weeks later, after working with another coach, I found myself reaching out to Matt again because of a bad experience I had with my current prep coach. I was getting in better shape but I was not receiving the support I needed leading up to the competition. After speaking with him on the phone I decided to enrol on Matt's online training, since I had a few comps planned. One of the best decisions I made, I cannot thank Matt enough!"
Athar Shah - 3rd Place Pure Elite, Fitness Model over 35
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