Why I'm Your Future Personal Trainer

Being passionate and motivated are two virtues every PT should have. Being pleasant to work with is a plus, and being someone to aspire to is a must. However, one tool that almost all trainers never have is; real expertise in training. Believe it or not, most PT's are fully qualified on paper, but clueless in reality. There are few excellent trainers out there, some average ones and a shed load of people promising results they have no idea how to deliver. I know this because I used to be one of the clueless PT's! At least, potentially I could have been...

I say this because I graduated from my Personal Training Diploma thinking I knew everything, but actually knowing nothing. Knowing the name of muscles and knowing the names of the valves of the heart doesn't really cut it when it comes to inducing relevant adaptations in a client. Nor does knowing which limbs/joints muscles move cut it when trying to control the bio-mechanics of a client during a movement. I really don't want to mention the lack of diet understanding I had when I graduated due to the teachings on the course - so more on that on another post. The amount of people graduating from these courses thinking they know everything but really knowing nothing is in the thousands every single year just in the UK.


The real question is, why am I so much better off now? And why is that good news for you? Well, earlier this year I was lucky to meet and hire the best Personal Trainer in the UK. Why did I hire a PT when I was already a qualified PT, from a respected course? Because I wasn't getting anywhere with my training. I was actually going backwards. I was putting on too much fat and not putting on muscle where I wanted to put it. I was so confused, because all my training and diet approaches were consistent with protocols I learnt on my course. I wanted to pursue my dream of competing in a body building competition and I wasn't getting any where. Thankfully and unregrettably I met my coach Nash Jocic. Over 30 years of PT experience and 17 body building victories from 47 competitions has given Nash an unprecedented wealth of knowledge that has translated into the fulfilment of thousands of people's dreams.

GymSpiration 14.jpg

Just being under Nash's guidance for the first 2 weeks gave me complete faith in his approach and expertise. Most of which when broken down bare little resemblance to the techniques taught on my course and those continuously broadcasted in fitness magazines. Now, part of Nash's PT team, and an apprentice to his teachings, my own training is going incredibly and I'm in the best shape of my life. Nash has a deep understanding of body systems, diet and training protocols and has always remained curious to why things work and why others don't throughout his entire career. He is one of the first people to ask the important questions and discover secrets that people only stumble on by accident if they are lucky. One of the very first lessons he taught me was that "People who look good may know how to train themselves, but they don't know how to train other people. They know what works with their own body, but they don't know why, so therefore can't teach it to any one."


It seems simple, but training yourself and training someone else are two different things. And although it's a common problem to be identified, it is a rare problem to be solved. So, being taken on as part of Nash's team in the most respected gym in London - Muscleworks Gym, and the trust he places in me to teach his protocols to his clients, I feel incredibly priviledged to be let into the secret circle as it were, to succeed as a trainer with real expertise and to help you achieve the body of your dreams in as little time as possible. I am your future trainer, your motivator and your deliverer. Send me an email or give me a call anytime to organise your consultation.

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Link to Coach Nash Jocic's Website > www.nashjocic.com

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