TIP#1.14 - Train Hard, Rest Hard

Why do we Train Hard? Because we love it, because we want results, we want to be lean and we want to be strong, muscular, fit and healthy, we train hard because - for many reasons. Why do we Rest? Because Training is tiring, and we're tired, sore, stiff and fatigued - if you're not... Train Harder. You have to earn your Rest, otherwise 'Resting' is just another word for 'Waiting' - and what are you waiting for? For Results? Your next Training session? Well that's just silly.

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Rest is always justified when you need it, if you don't then you're only pretending. Anyone can Train every day without Rest if they aren't Training Hard, but no-one can do without Rest if they Train Hard every day. You will spend much more time Resting then you will Training, this is the nature of the beast, and an obvious phenomenon that highlights its importance. Our Central Nervous Systems are fatigued after an Intense workout, and need a lot of Rest in order to Recover. Quality Sleep and Optimal Nutrition will help you Recover as quickly as your body allows, but your Recovery rate is unique to you, so you must pay attention to your own body functions and adjust Rest days according to your needs. The one thing everyone should do though is to be pro-active with Recovery as much as you can, don't just eat a burger and sit on the sofa all day and call it 'Resting'. See Below 3 key things you must do to Rest Harder:

1. Strict Dieting

We all know what this means. Clean, clean, clean. You need your nutrients in order to see results you've Trained so hard for any way so why not just do it properly? A strict diet will keep hormones at optimal levels, give your body vital nutrients it needs for fast and productive recovery and reduce inflammation, soreness and fatigue quicker. Click here for info on how to create a perfect nutrition plan.

2. Increase Blood Flow

Blood is your lifeforce, it transports nutrients and many other compounds around the body that enable it to do the wonderful things we're all capable of - running, jumping, lifting, throwing, growing, talking, thinking, healing etc etc... Blood has incredible properties, and our bodies know it; the first response in our bodies to any external stimulus is to increase blood flow to that area - delivering more oxygen, nutrients and protection (in some cases). Why do our bodies do this? To feed, nurture, supply, stimulate, protect, repair, maintain and drive us forward in our environment. Increasing blood flow to our damaged and fatigue muscles is simply a no-brainer. Staying moderately active by walking a lot, jogging and cycling will drive vital nutrient rich blood around our bodies at a higher rate than just sitting around. Pro-longed elevated heart rate is healthy for Recovery.

3. Quality Sleep

If you are a returning reader of the MTT-Fitness Blog, then you already know that Sleep is emphasised a lot with regard to Rest and Recovery. Why? It's when our bodies return to homeostasis, our optimal baseline of hormone production and optimal brain function. This is the platform by which our bodies spring from when we wake up and take on the day. Imagine trying to spring off a crumbling platform of poor hormone production and an under-rested mind? Throughout the day we kind of use and abuse all the systems that have recovered during sleep; digestive systems, endocrine systems (hormones), nervous systems etc... and it's only when we've slept well that these systems work well for good use the next day - so why abuse that with poor sleep? Click here for more info on optimal Rest.

Remember, Training creates potential for change and Rest and Diet make it a reality!

Thanks So Much For Reading!

Matt The Trainer

Personal Trainer London

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