TIP#3 Eating Well Will Change Your Life

If Training is the Paint Brush, then Nutrition is the Paint. Not all food is created equal, and strictly speaking not all food is actually Nutritious. Once you except what foods are actually nutritious, you have taken your first step towards your dream physique, and a healthier life.

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The 3 Macro Nutrients understood by the general public are; Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate. I'm going to go straight for the jugular here and come straight out with it: Carbohydrate is not a nutritious food and is non-essential. We can get enough of minerals and vitamins from other much more nutrious foods, like meat and vegetables. Grains, Rice, Potatoes all carry too much starch. Starch does not synergise well with our bodies, it sticks and clogs up digestion and causes hormone fluctuations, not to mention provide too much energy that is easily stored as fat. Granted, some Carb rich foods can be consumed, but these have to be part of a personalised structured program and they must have purpose.

National guidlines have the Macro Nutrient Ratios at 20%Protein, 20%Fat and 60%Carbohydrate for your daily intake of calories. This ratio is completely wrong. I have no clue where or how they devised this guideline as nothing about it makes any sense. A much more suitable and natural ratio for a regular exerciser is more like 50%Protein, 30%Fat and 20% Carb. With carbs coming mainly from fruit and vegetables.

If I eat according to the national guidlines, and I have, I just get fat. Simple as that. I'm not special, I'm not naturally big or have a slow metabolism, that's just what happens. I was training 6 times per week as well. Fat, is what I gained, muscle I did not. It's been proven to me so many times, by my own Mentor Nash Jocic, and from what I see on a daily basis, eating this way will make you fat and definitely won't get you your dream body. Why is 60% of our calorie intake coming from unnutritious food?

PIC: A Pro-Vegan Poster highlighting a farming dilemma between different products. There is nothing wrong with the statistics, just what they imply. Please read on for explanation.

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It's probably because it's cheap and easy to produce Carb Rich food, and expensive and hard to produce Nutritiously dense food, like meat (As you can see from this Pro-Vegan poster). Protein from animals is the life blood of our existence. Without whole Protein found in animals, we struggle to grow. The human body didn't evolve on endless fields of potato, wheat and rice. It evolved on wild animals, plants, nuts and fruit. When someone is put on an actual 'Nutritious' diet, high in protein and essential fats and low in Carbs, the change is almost instant, body fat drops off quickly, training becomes more intense, muscles have a chance to grow, and then happiness ensues. They're allowed to become their best selves. There is nothing wrong with Veganism or Vegetarianism as a lifestyle, but people will struggle to achieve and maintain a high level physique without a lot of essential nutrients.

Nutrition is the part of your fitness journey (vital part) that makes all the other parts possible, and keeps your dream alive. It should be the one constant variable that remains intact, unwavering, high quality and completely uncompromisable. Without proper nutrition, you will seriously limit your results.

Thanks so much for reading! Please read more info on nutrition here.


NOTE: You must consult your physician if you are unsure about partaking in a training or nutritional program or elements discussed on this site. Thank You.

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