TIP#2.3 Get Bigger and Weaker at the Same Time..?

Believe it or not, it's possible to go to the gym for an extended period of time, eat well, train well and yet get actively weaker as time goes on - BUT ALSO become bigger, more muscular and leaner at the same time too. How on earth is this possible? Let me explain. Of course if you are starting from scratch in the gym, then if you are lifting weights progressively and consistently (with a good diet) then your strength is obviouslly going to increase beyond your current ability. However, if you have been training for strength for a long time (low rep, high weight), and made significant strength gains over that period and then make the transition over to bodybuilding training approaches, it is very likely that your strength and power will decrease. This is for the main reason that 'bodybuilding' does not involve performance based protocols within its basic principles. The weight doesn't matter, the only thing that matters in bodybuilding is muscle damage to appropriate muscle fibres - instead of motor unit recruitment (strength approach objective).


This phenomenon, although true is also fairly vague - it might not happen to all of us but I certainly do not think it's cause for alarm if it happens to you. You won't be doing huge one rep max's or anything like that to train for bodybuilding so why would you maintain all that strength when you're not training for it...? Rep ranges will be higher and weights will be lighter, exercises will be different and rest periods shorter. The entire approach to training is different and your body will adapt to it over time and almost forget about the stuff you did before. That's ok though, because you will look so much better for it. Bodybuilding builds more size and shape and the low carb diets keep you much leaner while adding muscle. Isn't that a much better result than being able to lift a lot of weight 2 or 3 times?

The exercises and approaches will be different but you will still get stronger on these exercises as time goes on. With mass comes the potential for more strength so it's not like you're not going to be strong. With bodybuilding, you gain more muscle mass compared to strength training, and as you gain more and more, your strength will go up as well. It might never be as high as it was strength or power training (depending how experienced you are/were) but it will still improve on the bodybuilding exercises you perform.

Why choose bodybuilding over strength or power training? Because it puts a lot less pressure on your joints and far less stress through your tendons and ligaments. You will look a lot better, be healthier and leaner and have much more longevity to workout due to being far less injury prone. Although it's a great feeling being very strong - there is hardly any practical use for it now, unless you require high strength for a sport it is going to be a wasted talent that not many people will see and appreciate. The trend now is to just look incredible, with social media running crazy and cameras everywhere and the fitness revolution taking hold there is no better option then to build an incredible physique. No you won't get freakishly strong, but yes you will be moderately strong, really fit, really healthy and crazy lean and muscular!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to snoop around the other pages on this site for more information to help you on your fitness journey - all info straight from ground zero at Muscleworks Gym London - Mecca of Champions.


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