TIP#2.4 - 5 Training Tips For a Bigger Chest

No one misses International Chest Day, yet how often do you see an excellently built and shaped chest? Almost never. Here are 5 Tips to build a bigger chest:


1. Select Better Exercises

When it comes to a large muscle group, the more angles you can hit it from the better, stop lingering on the bench press - it might not even be the best exercise for you - and start hitting some incline and decline machines, multiple chest presses and machine flys as well. The bench press is like the Squat for legs - excellent for strength but not the best for building size and shape.

2. Optimise The Range

If you are struggling to build your chest, chances are that you are using less than perfect range on your exercises too. If you are trying to build a muscle then proper range is vital. Do not rest at the top or bottom of a movement, always stay in the tension zone. Never lock out elbows as this reduces tension on the muscle and never lower the weight so low down that it puts pressure on the joints - it's the fast track to injury and zero muscle gains.

3. Correct Your Form

Good form on an exercise will allow you to work the target muscle, bad form will involve others while failing to provide optimal contraction. Always keep your chest puffed out and head back, this will allow you to generate power through the appropriate muscles. The Chest muscles run directly horizontal along your rib cage, so to contract them optimally our elbows must be as close to 90° to the body as possible. Tell yourself 'high elbows' whenever you start a set, as a common mistake is to drop your elbows closer into your side.


4. Change Your Approach

If you are training for strength, low reps and high weight, then do not expect to build a huge beautifully shaped chest. The truth is that strength gain does not mean muscle size, and although some muscle growth might occur, the primary adaption is improvement in motor unit recruitment (muscle recruitment). This improves strength but not size and shape. Give your ego a rest and find the burn on some medium weight and high reps; 5 exercises total - 3 presses + 2 flys - 4 sets x 8-12 reps to positive failure, 30-45 secs rest.

5. Get Super Intense

Intensity is the key for inducing adaptions in your muscle, either for strength, endurance or muscle size. There are many ways to increase intensity, reduce rest periods, reduce rate of the rep (tempo), increase resistence (but remain in target rep range) and improve range. There is also something to be said about aggression - go into the set with a purpose and aim high and get comfortable with uncomfortable! When you do everything right, there is nothing left to do but grow.

Thanks so much for reading! Much more to come.


BONUS ROUND: Force Those Reps

This is a more advanced method of training and you must be in the presence of an exercise professional if you are to perform forced reps. On all repetitions, the negative (lowering) portion of the rep is vitally important, but with forced reps it is the entire objective. It is the added negative rep portions that benefit you while doing forced reps, so always make the most of it by lowering the weight very slowly.

NOTE: Like with any exercise program, you must address the diet if you wish to get the best results. Please see this article here to learn more about eating right for your goals.

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